Things don't seem to be working for me anymore

Counselling can foster immense positive change in your daily life and help you move forward.

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My anxiety is beginning to sabotage my life

Life is increasingly pressurised – counselling helps you understand and deal with those pressures.

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I project an image of perfection but feel vulnerable

When self-doubt becomes an inner struggle, counselling can help you reclaim belief in yourself.

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I feel alone even when I'm with friends and family

Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk freely about feelings of isolation.

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Something doesn't seem right, I don't know why

Talking with an understanding counsellor helps you identify and address your inner issues.

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We live in an increasingly depersonalised environment where profit, short term goals, technology, regulation and surveillance influence our lives to a growing extent.

We also live with much greater economic uncertainty in an increasingly complex emotional world where the simpler answers we learnt growing up are becoming unsustainable. Negotiating a path through this maelstrom in your life is something I can help you do.

Before training to be a counsellor, I spent 30 years in management consultancy, much of it in the city. Observing the human condition in the office fuelled my interest in how the mind works, why we do the things we do and how our internal world manifests itself in our behaviour.

Stepping back to see the bigger picture helps me identify people’s key relationships in the home and office, understand their complexities and work through the issues.